Las mejores aventuras de ecoturismo costero & marino en Europa

HANDPICKED TOURS & ACTIVITIESCommitted to delivering you great activities, while supporting coastal communities

Wildsea Europe is a network of local tourism authorities, public administrations, tourism operators and environmental NGOs working together to nurture love and respect for the Ocean through sustainable tourism. We reach out to local, marine & outdoors ecotourism operators and engage with them to promote their services, while working with them to upscale the sustainability of their operations and marking sure they have clear guideliness to operate responsibly.

While our main purpose is to deliver you a fantastic offer of great, marine wildlife experiences, other key elements of our mission include supporting sustainable livelihoods, empowering small, local businesses of coastal communities, enhancing ocean literacy through citizen science and preserving our marine ecosystems.

WILDLIFE FIRSTCommitted to sustainable, responsible tourism

Wildsea Europe is built around the idea that by enhancing knowledge of the Ocean, we will all be more committed and better prepared to support the conservation of marine ecosystems and biodiversity. While improving Ocean Literacy requires action in many fronts, we have chosen to contribute to this challenging mission by adressing a powerful force: Tourism.

Traveling is one of the most enriching, life changing experiences that we can embrace. But global travel and tourism also has a strong, negative impact on our natural environment. Thus, we work with the tourism industry in support of those operators that have clear standars with regard to applying environmental stewardship in general, and to approaching wildlife in particular.

Our partner operators are rated following a set of criteria, and we intend to mantain a fluent dialogue with them to collectively push the industry's standards towards sustainable and responsible tourism. That does not mean everything is or will be perfect, but with your feedback and engagement we can all continue to enhance our contribution to a lively, healthy Ocean.

CITIZEN SCIENCECommitted to advancing citizen science for marine knowledge & conservation

One of the powerful ways in which Tourism can contribute to biodiversity research and conservation is to transform each and everyone of us in sharp observers of marine wildlife and events. Everytime you go snorkeling or sail to sea, your curiosity can be a very valuable source of information for marine scientists. This is what citizen science means. Engaging you in collecting images or data that is potentially useful for the scientific community.

All around the World, more and more research projects are fed through observations of people like you. Wildsea Europe aims to serve as a bridge between travelers and scientifc organizations to contribute to that end. Engaging in citizen science is not only a great way of contributing to a greater goal. It is also a greater fun! While not all of our partner operators offer you this possibility, we are going to be working hand by hand with them and offering them guidance and support to make progress towards it.

VERIFIED REVIEWS & PHOTOSYour word, not just ours

We continously oversee the information published in our website by our Member operators. We strive to mantain a fluent dialogue with our members on a local basis and we are very proud of having them as part of the Wildsea Europe community. As much as we would love to join them everytime they go out on a marine adventure, we cannot always be with them. So we rely on you for feedback on any of the fantastic experiences they offer.

Your photos and opinions help to spread the word about their services, to appreciate their talent and to praise their efforts towards marine stewardship. But also to show a path for improvement, when something falls below your expectations. So if you participate in any of the activities featured in Wildsea Europe, please register and let everyone know how it went! Only registered users can leave reviews, to ensure transparency and a fair level playing field for everyone.