Brings you the best marine ecotourism experiences in Europe

In Galicia, the sea has informed a unique natural and cultural heritage: the beauty of its estuaries together with the fascinating world of fishing and a rich gastronomy based on the delicacies that the ocean provides.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of marine experiences along the Galician coast, including accompanying professional seamen on a fishing day and afterwards cooking their own catch, as well as visiting the thousands of shellfish beds where some of the best mussels in the world are produced. Visitors can also discover how cockles, clams or razor clams are gathered on the beach, following the expert advice of women shellfish gatherers; witness the boldness of the barnacle gatherers as they risk their life defying the ferocity of the waves as they break on the rocks or stroll along beaches that are practically untouched.

The coastline of Galicia is filled with wild beaches, open-sea estuaries, endless shores, cliffs, coves, beaches with calm waters, vineyards, pine groves, fishing villages, and marinas. The coast is guarded by many lighthouses, located in stunning enclaves that help boats reach dry land safely.

Discovering Galician coastline can become a unique experience where, apart from admiring its beauty, visitors can feel the sea breeze while navigating its waters and reach places as stunning as its islands.