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Kayaks were invented 4000 years ago by indigenous Ainu, Aleut and Eskimo people, who used these tiny vessels to hunt on inland lakes, rivers and coastal waters. Nowadays, the use of kayaks has extended all around the globe, as they procure an amazingly simple and exhilarating way of connecting with nature.

Their extremely small draft allows you to go almost everywhere you want. The feeling of closeness to the water grants an amazing sensation of riding the waves. Due to kayaks’ silence and small size, animals do not easily notice them. Their low disturbance is what makes them an extraordinary vehicle to explore the coastline - especially in marine protected areas - giving you the possibility to interact with marine wildlife in a respectful, non-invasive way.  

Al along Wildsea Europe’s destinations you find an amazing offer of sea kayaking activities that will grant you the opportunity to explore beautiful marine landscapes and to reach unspoiled beaches, cliffs and caves or simply give you a new perspective of the coastline. Whether you are looking for a short excursion to light up your day at the beach or for a more intensive journey, browse through our catalogue to find some of the best kayaking experiences in Europe!