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Ballena azul

The blue whale is the largest animal that exists!! Its body is long and slender, and can reach 33 meters; and its head can reach one fourth of the total body length! Currently, it is considered as an endangered species by the IUCN. 

It is distributed all over the world, with separate populations in the North Pacific, North Atlantic, Indian and Southern Oceans. Its blow can get as far as 12 meters high, and is the easiest way to spot one of this animals: about 2 to 6 minutes before diving, regular blows every 10 to 20 seconds can be easily seen, and even heard!

Although it is not very common, in Madeira it can be sighted most frequently during April and September; usually 1 or 2 individuals can be seen together. In the Canary Islands, on the contrary, they can be seem most frequently in winter, since they migrate to arctic areas during the summer months. Here they are mainly seen around Tenerife and La Gomera.

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Ballena azul

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