Las mejores aventuras de ecoturismo costero & marino en Europa

Delfín mular

The common bottlenose dolphins are the best known dolphins in general, due to the exposure they receive in captivity, both in marine parks and in films. The bottlenose dolphin is a grey large dolphin with no characteristic marks on its body. They usually form small groups or pods (of 2-15 individuals), which sometimes come close to vessels to play with the waves at the prow. They can sometimes be seen performing jumps and pirouettes out of the water.

Most calves are born during the summer months and stay with the mother for several years. Tursiops truncatus can be found in the temperate, subtropical and tropical oceans worldwide, including all Wildsea Europe destinations. This species is commonly seen along the coastline, close to the shore. With a little fortune you can often sight them in Donegal (Ireland), Causeway Coast & Glens (Northern Ireland), Cap de CreusTarifa or Canary Islands (Spain), Liguria (Italy), Istria (Croatia), Argyll & Bute or the Highlands (Scotland).  In the Southern coast of the Algarve they come very close to shore in April and May, looking for one of their favourite foods: squid. It is a resident species of the Strait of Gibraltar, where they can be found mainly in the central area, coinciding with the deepest areas, but also very close to the Andalusian coast and at the mouth of the Bay of Algeciras.

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Delfín mular

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