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Trompeta de triton

The species within this genus have very large shells, which can grow up to 30-35cm in length. From ancient times till up to the 20th century, people in certain areas of the Mediterranean Sea used the shells of these molluscs as trumpets to call each other over long distances, especially in the case of emergencies.

Charonia species are great predators, feeding mainly on other molluscs and starfish. Once it captures its prey, it grips it with its muscular foot, uses its radula or "tooth" to saw through its skin and injects a paralyzing saliva.

Triton's trumpets can be found all year round along the Istrian coasts at depths of up to 40m, mainly at night, when they are most active. It is possible to find three species of Triton Trumpets in the Istrian coasts: Charonia lampa, C. tritonis and C. variagata.

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Trompeta de triton

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