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Our Top 10 Sea Kayaking Holidays & Tours in Europe

Whether you are a passionate sea kayaker, a converted newbie or just looking for new adventures this summer, here's a list of our favorite sea kayaking experiences in Europe!
by WILDSEA Europe | 02/04/2018 | 14:50
thumb.php?crop=0&n=experiences%2F276%2F5abb89d4c5681 Our Top 10 Sea Kayaking Holidays & Tours in Europe. Photo: Sea Kayaking in Menorca (Spain)

Looking for your next sea kayaking holiday in Europe? From North to South, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, the options are many and largely depend on the type of experience that you are looking for, and who you are traveling with. To help you decide wich one is more suitable for you and your travel companions, we’ve compiled our Top 10, best sea kayaking experiences, country by country.


1. Sea Kayaking & Wild Camping Experience in the Archipelago of St. Anna
Ideal for solo travelers wanting to immerse themselves in Sweden’s natural beauty.

Get intimately acquainted with the flora, fauna and geology of the Archipelago of St. Anna in Gotaland, Sweden. This sea kayaking holiday is ideal for solo adventurers who want to embrace adventure with like-minded individuals. All you need is desire for some spectacular outdoor experiences and stunning landscapes. All necessary kayaking, camping and cooking equipment is provided!

Sweden beauty


2. 7-Day Sea Kayak Holiday in Menorca 

Ideal for those who want an extended outdoor adventure and a comfortable sleep. 

When we say holiday, we mean holiday. This package consists of daytime sea kayaking exploring natural beaches, caves, islets and reefs around the always inspiring Balearic Islands. Then, you’ll rest comfortably at night in local hotels – there’s no tenting or camping on this peaceful holiday! The best part about this sea kayak holiday; aside from the beauty of the landscape, the pristine waters of Menorca, the experience and the guided tour... is that, all logistics, planning and equipment are taken care of. You just need to show up and enjoy!

3. Eco-Kayak Tour of Cap de Creus with Local Picnic 

Ideal for families, local food enthusiasts and sea-kayak novices looking for a one-day adventure.

This family-friendly tour is perfect for exploring the magnificent waters of Costa Brava. Cap de Creus is an incredibly unique area, with rare geological outcrops, curiously-shaped islets, and an abundance of marine species. This relaxed tour even includes a picnic with local produce! You’ll come away with new appreciation for Catalonia.

Kayaking with Dolphins in Tenerife

4. Sea Kayaking with Dolphins in Tenerife

Ideal for dolphin lovers of all ages.

Who doesn’t love dolphins? They are highly intelligent, playful, and social. This half-day sea kayak tour allows you to spend some cherished time with these marvelous creatures in a responsible, sustainable, and non-intrusive way. That in itself is enough to make this experience a memorable one, but we must add to this equation the wonderful landscape of the Tenerife coast. We can guarantee that both you and the dolphins will feel good about this sea kayak experience. 


5. Sea Kayak Tour to the End of the World 

Ideal for history buffs, science lovers and intermediate kayakers. 

Once upon a time, humans believed the world was flat. With that logic, humans believed the world abruptly came to an end somewhere. That place was the most south western point of Europe – Cape St. Vincent, in Algarve, Portugal. This incredibly sea kayak tour lets you explore the mystifying place people once thought was the final frontier of Earth.

6. Kayak Tour of Arrabida Natural Park 

Ideal for families, solo adventurers, and kayakers of all skills levels.

There is much to see off the Portuguese coastline – and no better area to explore it than Arrabida Natural Park. Since this area is properly protected and preserved, you get the very best view of Lisbon’s marine cliffs, landscapes, and natural beauty.

Full day kayaking in beautiful Portofino


7. Full Day Sea Kayak Tour in Portofino Marine Reserve

Ideal for intermediate, expert or advanced kayakers. 

Portofino in Liguria, Italy, is world-famous for its breathtaking coastline, with waters full of red coral, barracudas, and many other species of marine flora and fauna. After all, these waters are recognized as an important hotspot for cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea. Luckily, you still have a chance to explore this stunning area responsibly, with a full-day sea kayak excursion.

8. Sunset Chic: Kayak & Wine Tour Around Cinque Terre National Park 

Ideal for those who like a little luxury mixed into their outdoor excursions.

Glamping is so last year. The new trendy and chic way to enjoy the outdoors is with a sunset kayak and wine tour! Combine two of the best things this amazing spot known as Cinque Terre (Genoa) has to offer: majestic coastlines and delicious vino. This is an experience straight from your bucket list, the type you won’t forget.


9. Kayaking & Wild Camping on Inishtrahull Island 

Ideal for experienced kayakers and campers wanting a relaxing trip away from modern life. 

Ever wonder what the environment would look like without human interference? You can witness it for yourself! This 2-day kayaking and wild camping excursion takes place on a special protected island, where wildlife roams free and untouched. We promise you’ve never seen this side of Donegal County before.

10. Sea Kayaking in the Wild Atlantic Way

Ideal for families and beginner kayakers wanting to see what Ireland has to offer.

This two-hour kayak tour covers the best of the Donegal Gaeltacht coastline. You’ll get to see rare birds, uninhabited islands, and beautiful reefs. And, you’ll be back in time for dinner!

This is our pick of the best sea kayaking holidays in Europe, but if you are still hesitant you can check out here for more kayaking adventures


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