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5 Eco Activities you need to check out in Ireland before having a pint of Guinness

We are certain you will enjoy deeply St. Paddy´s celebrations, if before hitting the pub you try but one of these.
by WILDSEA Europe | 14/03/2018 | 12:04
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We know that the Emerald Island is about to get greener during the celebrations of its patron saint Saint Patrick and Ireland´s day, but before you get carried away with all the fun and folk enjoying one of the national treasures - its people - we would like to give you some really good ideas of great things you can do to get the most out of your next visit to Ireland. Because above all things, Ireland is stunningly beautiful.


There are far too many cool activities in Malin Head - Donegal County.  But if you have been lately living on the face of the Planet or if you are a die hard fan of the saga…you probably know about the last Stars Wars episode: the Last Jedi. If you have no idea what are we talking about here, just skip this whole paragraph,  as it will not make any sense to you.  For all the others, there is now this fabulous Star Wars Tour in Malin Head. Be fooled not, in a Yoda voice, in this tour you will discover not just “Planet Ancho-to” but also the history and wildlife of the area. And imagine if you had access to the behind-the-scenes details by someone that worked hand in hand with Mark HammillThis is an experience you will talk about in the years to come in social and family gatherings, because let´s face it…nobody really wants to hear you talk about your mortgage.


Yep, you heard right. Improve your core strength and your self-confidence while enjoying the most stunning views there are.  Push your own fears and breathe in some air, collect memories in your retina for a lifetime. We bring you sea stack climbing in Sliabh Liag, another array of cliffs not as famous as the Moher cliffs, as high  as 601m (1,972ft) is the ultimate eye-opener for the digital/phone addict and I-have-seen-it-all-done-it-all. It´s in the words of expert and avid mountaineering Iain Miller : Standing on a pinpoint summit over 100m above the ocean, 500m from the nearest point of land and 20KM from the nearest main road can easily be described as a truly spiritual experience.” And to that we say AMEN.


We tend to think that one can nowadays reach almost any geographical point in the World at ease. But the truth is, that although discovered, there are still some gems that are somewhat preserved from the human miss-touch . There is only one way to appreciate this landscapes and sights, and that is by jumping on board oa kayak to discover the rugged coast of Donegal, led by a kayak champion. And if you would like to extend the experience, why not spend some days camping, kayaking in the wilderness and telling stories by the bonfire.  Because nothings says “into the wild” like a good bonfire.


Before hitting any of the colourful pubs down in bohemian Galway, we challenge you to catch some waves in famous Irish poet Yate´s county (Sligo). You get to see the pintoresque town of  Strandhill, after a good surfing sess in Strandhill Beach - a nice break and one of the best spots to surf in Ireland.


The fascination men and women have had with these animals dates centuries back, as myths in popular culture and romanticized stories of man's struggle with nature have captured our minds, as did Moby Dick. The truth is we cannot ignore these beautiful creatures, specially when they come and salute us at the Irish coast! Take a whale watching trip in West Cork and explore the myth of these gorgeous cetaceans.


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