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Guidance Manuals for Tourism Operators
by WILDSEA Europe | 14/10/2016 | 17:00

After having the opportunity of engaging with tourism operators across Europe during the last month of May and exchanging ideas on best environmental practices, Wildsea Europe’s team has recently finalized two Guidance Manuals to support our Member operators in their efforts to advance responsible tourism:

  • "Best Practices for Marine Wildlife Watching" 
  • "Ecotourism & Citizen Science"

Developed by our colleagues from Submon, Turmares & Travelecoology, these Manuals provide guidance and hints to (1) improve the environmental performance of outdoors activities dealing with marine wildlife interactions and (2) embrace citizen science as a way to make tourism activities more engaging and fun for clients, while working with them to make a positive contribution to marine conservation. 

Both handbooks are now freely available to Members of The Wildsea Europe Route. So if you already are a family member and still have not gotten hold of your copy, please contact us and we will happily deliver it to you. And if you have not signed-up as yet, well, here is your chance to join the network of Tourism operators who are ready to “walk the talk” of sustainable tourism!

Happy reading!


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