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Happy World Oceans Day!

The #WaveForChange begins to swell!
by Julia Vera Prieto | 08/06/2016 | 07:28

This year’s World Oceans Day is one that we embrace with a smile and a strong sense of purpose.

With a smile, because after a short, but very productive European tour, we can proudly say that hardly making any effort we have had the joy of sighting marine mammals from land in each and every one of the Wildsea Europe’s Partner destinations that we have had the fortune of visiting. I know we shouldn’t be too impressed (we are strong advocates of Europe’s natural, wild beauty) but we could not help but feel a pinch of pride and happiness!

While in Causeway Coast & Glens (UK), we saw a group of roughly around 50 bottlenose dolphins swimming along the Giant Causeway all the way to Whiterocks. In Donegal (Ireland), a visit to Inistrahull Island rewarded us with the sight of hundreds of seals basking at the shore and a minke whale feeding off the coast. In Pula (Croatia), a small group of dolphins surprised us as the usual suspects who visit Cape Kamenjak at sunset every day. Dolphins were spotted also from the coast of Liguria. This time, it was a little girl’s voice screaming: “Look Dad, dolphins!” that announced the sighting, as we were casually getting ready to leave Portofino (Italy) to catch a plane and return home. Who could have asked for more? Imagine what we could have experienced had we had the time to engage in any of the great outdoors activities featured in (next time!), instead of quietly strolling along the coast in between meetings.

Europe’s seas are full of life. And its coastal destinations are unique scenarios alive with history, culture and nature. It only takes a little help from a local operator to get the full experience and enjoy a universe of wild beauty.

We also embrace World Oceans Day with a strong sense of purpose, because after sharing visions and ideas with almost a hundred of tourism operators across Wildsea Europe’s Partner destinations, we are convinced of the potential of nature tourism as a powerful force that can contribute to shape a more sustainable future for our coastal communities in Europe. And we have a good number of ecotourism “champions” in our coastal destinations that are working with such a shared vision and sense of direction. We are also convinced of the value of ecotourism as a powerful way of engaging citizens from all around the world to live up to the challenge of preserving the Ocean, while offering great alternatives to make holidays wholesome, educational and special.

All the hard work invested in during the past year is our humble contribution to this year’s #WaveForChange inspired by the World Ocean Celebration. We are committed to making it grow to bring you more and yet more fantastic ways of celebrating the Ocean every single day of the year. And to keep up the hard work until we have collectively managed to ensure a clean, lively and safe future for the Ocean and all the living creatures that rely on it (and that includes all of us!). 






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