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Letter from the Ocean

The Ocean in its own words
by WILDSEA Europe | 08/06/2020 | 00:00
thumb.php?crop=0&n=blog%2FLetterOcean Letter from the Ocean, the ocean our home.

Dear human beings, dear women and men, dear sons and fathers, mothers and daughters, sisters, brothers and above all lovers:

I, the Ocean, have been sending you words in the waves and the winds, words written on the tides, the bubbles, on the surf, on the salty air that sticks to your hair. I have loved and caressed your ships, your bodies and the bodies of your cubs. But I have also, placed the anger on the tsunami and storms, simply as a cautionary message for all of you earthlings.  I speak, but you won´t listen.

You have cried my many different names through that which you call time. Time for us in the deep blue does not exist the way it does for you.  I have been both male and female, dragons and giant snakes, monsters and benefactors…I have been Repun Kamui, Tsovinar, Poseidon, Neptune, Sammudra, Sedna, Tangaroa, Vellamo, Lir, Mazu, Kanaloa and many more. But here I stand in my many shapes across your time, as the Ocean, the Seas and all water bodies on this planet we both call home.

Neptune God of the Seas

See, you humans tend to believe that you posses the forces of Nature and all of Nature, not just the land, but the morning glory, the mountains and the sunset breeze. You believe that by placing limits to my very own existence, and reaping insatiably the goodness and richness that I provide for you and all of the creatures I must protect, nothing can go wrong.  And in this belief lays the beginning of our end.

I watch you jumping waves and sailing across the immaculate surface of the many blues, in ecstasy. I have read and reinterpreted every single paintings and odes dedicated to me, I have the ashes of those you once loved, I have felt the love, because there is love, you even speak of how there is an ocean of love. But you cannot posses that which you love, there is love in freedom and freedom in love as you well know. I am not yours as much as you are not mine. We swim together freely.

You see, I wake up everyday to a layer of plastic, I witness the coral reefs dying, turtles choked, whales, dolphins and sharks being huntedI wake up to a very bleak and somewhat dark future for us. Every now and then, I try to toss all the toxics off of me, all the trash and desperation. I try to find new ways to renew myself, to care for myself…but it´s just not enough. And I am exhausted.  I now need your help.

You breathe because I breathe.

You are because I am.


The Ocean.


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