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Sea Kayaking in Costa Brava: An Interview with Pau Calero

Meet our Members!
by WILDSEA Europe | 12/04/2018 | 15:07
pau2 Pau, the sea kayaking master

It is our pleasure to introduce you to kayak enthusiast and chief and commander of SK KAYAK 2000, Pau Calero! Pau is fond of ornithology and diving. In 2000 he created SK KAYAK, which we are proud to count as one of our first Members. In 2002 he became founding member of the Pagaia Club and later in 2007 he formed the AEKMar (sea kayaking) Association with other fellow specialized companies. A sea kayaking enthusiast as you start to suspect, he organizes everything from sea kayaking fishing trips, to ornithological excursions and kayak repair workshops. Each year more than 2000 people participate in activities led by SK KAYAK, which offers rental of sea kayaking material, expedition logistics and guided tours to discover the culture and magical corners of Costa Brava and Cap de Creus in Catalonia.

We had the pleasure of enjoying a brief chat with Pau. Here're our questions and his responses. Enjoy!

Q) Your name. 
A) Pau Calero Figueras

Q) Originally from...lived in/ Made in...brewed in:
A) Originally from Figueres living in Llança, Cap de Creus for the last 15years...

Q) Activity/Job:
A) Sea Kayak Instructor and Entrepreneur. Founder of SK KAYAK 2000.

Q) Most likely to be found in...
A) Cap de Creus lighthouse dinning under the fullmoonlight, watching birds at Aiguamolls de l’Empordà at migration time, hiking on Monday to one of our awesome Pyrenees peaks or travelling at winter looking for wildlife and new cultural experiences arround the world...

Q) The bird specie that you know more about.
A) Bee Eater

Q) What is your favourite route to take while kayaking?
A) Crossing Cap de Creus is always inspiring...its history, it is a challenge and such a telurical location...

Q) What is the most challenging aspect of leading a sea kayaking tour?
A) The fact that there might be people on it without sea kayaking experience, and they don’t know each other. However they still have a good time sharing an activity with others in a safe environment provided by me, they have fun and learn! It’s so inspiring and so grateful! I love it!

Q) And the best aspects?
A) To be able to share my passion for sea kayaking and our local culture and traditions - our fishing culture, local artists like Dalí, Bros, Pitxot; show our rich gastronomy and wine and oil producers...

Q) Do you have a favourite moment or fond memory that you could share of any of the activities that you have lead either with a group or individually?
A) Our ENOKAYAK...when we taste the local wine with the cellerman and suddenly we bring the landscape to the glass...

Q) What is the  most delicate/difficult or scary moment that you have experienced while on route?
A) Last year we had a summer storm that caught us in the middle of Llança’s bay on the way back. We were paddling in a downwind with strong gusts...two kayaks capsized at same time 500mts from the shore. I performed a real double rescue under a hard rain, strong winds, thunders and ... lots of fun!! It was a great adventure that finished as an epic kayak tour!! It´s even reported in our Tripadvisor page!! ;)

Q) Something people might not know about you (from guilty pleasure, awkward skill, strange fandom...etc)
A) I LIKE TO SING FOLKLORIC IMPROVISATION SONGS...i love to improvise songs with the guitar.

Q) What would you say to people that are undecided about going on a kayak excursion?
A) Give it a try! Cap de Creus Natural Parc by kayak is amazing!!! Bring your snorkel and mask!!!

Q) What are your wishes/projects for the coming year?
A) We are preparing our anual Costa Brava Expeditons Calendar to give everyone the chance of discovering our fabulous coastline on board a sea kayak. On the other hand, I would like to repeat our Kayak Expedition to Baja California Mexico, explore Oman Musandam Fiords by kayak and organise the first trip to Raja Ampat - Indonesia.

Thank you for your time Pau!
If you would like to find out more about SK KAYAK 2000 and its wonderful excursions, you can visit their website. And if you want to find out about great sea kayaking adventures in Costa Brava, follow this link.


Pau Calero i Figueras, Diploma in Tourism by the UdG (1999) and Postgraduate as Tourist Guide by the UdG (2000); RFEP Canoe Monitor (2000); Guide to Whitewater; Sea Kayak Guide by the RFEP; Level I Technician (Monitors) of the Federació Catalana de Piragüisme; accredited as a Level I trainer of the EPP (Euro Paddle Pass). 


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