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The Blue Adventure Box is out!

Discover 75 unique ecotourism experiences along the WAOH! Route
by Amy McGregor | 24/10/2019 | 14:59
thumb.php?crop=0&n=WAOH%2FBlueAdventureBox_web The WAOH! Route's Blue Adventure Box

Introducing the Blue Adventure Box: A collection of the very best coastal & marine ecotourism adventures along the WILDSEA Atlantic Ocean Heritage (WAOH!) Route, delivered by tourism operators who love and respect the Ocean.

The sea has never ceased to be a source of fascination and mystery. Over the years we have seen a huge increase in the range of activities offering us the chance to enjoy and explore the Ocean. But enjoyment could come at a price. Such increasing demand is sometimes met with irresponsible or inexperienced tour operators who exploit visitors’ eagerness for adventure while failing to respect the Ocean and its inhabitants. 

We care for the Ocean and this is why we have designed the Blue Adventure Box. It was created with one goal in mind: to bring people from all walks of life closer to the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean, by offering them unique opportunities to experience marine life in a way that respects and promotes a more sustainable, respectful tourism.

Our aim is to allow people to continue enjoying all that our beloved Atlantic Ocean has to offer, carefully selecting activities delivered by responsible tourism operators who love the Ocean as much as you do. We have personally met with every single operator to reflect on our duty to celebrate marine habitats and species and to contribute to their appreciation and conservation.

The Box itself comprises 75 ecotourism activities that can be enjoyed with a range of WILDSEA Europe member operators at selected points along the beautiful WAOH Route, which stretches from Portimao through Sesimbra and Cascais in Portugal, reaching Galicia in Spain, across to Cornwall in the UK and Donegal in Ireland. All ages and abilities are covered, with activities ranging from open-water dives to discover the rich, abundant marine life of the Atlantic Ocean, to first-time diving experiences, snorkelling, sea kayaking tours, wildlife & heritage boat trips, coasteering adventures and much more.

By choosing the Blue Adventure Box, you not only get to share in experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime, you also help to promote a more sustainable future for coastal & marine tourism: one that encourages operators who have pledged to respect and nurture the environment to continue working towards sharing their knowledge and love of the Ocean with you.

Order your Blue Adventure Box now and get ready to share the Gift of Adventure!


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