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Basking Shark project

This project intends to study the current populations of basking shark that move in UK waters. Its main objectives are to estimate current population numbers and  evaluate their trend, and to identify critical habitats for this species.

Especies Objetivo & Habitats

Basking Shark project

Sobre esta iniciativa

Basking Shark project

This project, lead by the Shark Trust, and funded by the Save Our Seas Foundation and  Marine Conservation International, wants to gain a better understanding of basking shark popuations around the UK and to improve their conservation and management plans. The project wants to achieve this while bringing these amazing creatures closer to the UK citizens, so they learn to appreciate the beauty and importance of this charismatic species.

Videos y fotografias

Basking Shark project

How can you contribute?

Basking Shark Project

The project welcomes information on sightings of basking sharks from organizations and members of the public. To send information, simply submit your sighting through their on-line form. You can send pictures of fins if you have them, or check already available pictures at


Basking Shark project
Shark Trust
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