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SOPHIE Blue Spaces & Well Being
The European project SOPHIE (Seas, Oceans and Human Health in Europe) is a 3-year project that seeks to set a strategic research agenda for Oceans and Human Health in Europe. An interdisciplinary team of researchers from 5 European countries take part in this project, led by the University of Exeter (UK), and which will run until 2020.

About this project

SOPHIE Blue Spaces & Well Being

As part of this mega-project, SOPHIE’s “Blue Spaces & Well-being” Citizen Science Initiative seeks to assess the effect that undertaking a marine activity at the coast/sea has on the well-being of those who engage in it, as well as on his/her relationship with the ocean. This initiative seeks to answer the following specific questions:

  • Does engagement in (guided vs. unguided) marine ecotourism activities make a difference in increasing awareness on Ocean conservation issues or Ocean & Human Health interactions?
  • Can participation in marine ecotourism activities trigger behaviour change on environmental issues related to Ocean & Human Health?
  • Is this change short- or long-term?
  • Does the previous experience of the participant have an influence on the response?

To answer these questions, people who are about to take part in a coastal or marine activity (coastal walking, diving, kayaking, whale watching, coasteering, swimming, etc.…) are invited to share their expectations and Ocean literacy level prior to enjoying the activity by filling-in a brief survey and/or to share their experience after the activity by filling-in a somewhat longer survey (easily completed in less than 10 minutes).

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SOPHIE Blue Spaces & Well Being

How can you contribute?

SOPHIE - Blue Spaces & Well Being

Anytime that you are about to spend time by the coast or at sea, Team Up with SOPHIE and tell us about your experience! Your answers will help researchers from the University of Exeter better understand the relationship between the oceans & human health:


SOPHIE Blue Spaces & Well Being
Seas, Ocean & Public Health in Europe (SOPHIE)
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