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Explore the Underwater Treasures of Brijuni National Park

Snorkeling with a personal guide in an extraordinary natural and archaeological site and discover the historical underwater and marine world of Brijuni National Park.


Explore the Underwater Trail of Brijuni's National Park
  • Discover the beautfil island of Veliki Brijun, traveling by boat from Fažana.
  • Enjoy a 45-minute, self-guided snorkel excursion in Brijuni National Park following an underwater trail with educational panels.
  • Learn about the history and local flora and fauna of the Park as you enjoy an underwater sightseeing tour.
  • Experience sound underwater and learn from the explanations of an audio-guide.
  • Bike along Veliki Brijun Island at your own pace - a 3 hour bike rental is included!

Catch a glimpse

Explore the Underwater Treasures of Brijuni National Park

What to expect?

Explore the Underwater Treasures of Brijuni National Park

The underwater trail in Verige Bay on the southern side of Veli Brijun offers the unique experience of visiting natural and archaeological sites in the exceptionally rich and well preserved marine world of Brijuni National Park. The approximately 500 metres long trail is not particularly demanding. In fact, it has been designed to appeal to users of all ages who can swim and use a diving mask, snorkel and fins.

The excursion includes vessel transportation from Fažana to Veliki Brijun island (and back), transport to Verige bay and a 1 hour long snorkeling tour with a personal guide, swimming and diving at small depths. Visitors are introduced to the exceptionally valuable contents that may only be seen by means of diving into the sea such as the well-known hydro-archaeological site - a part of the ancient complex of a sumptuous Roman villa from the first century submerged under the sea due to rising sea levels.

There are numerous populations of fish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, algae, sea sponges, crabs and shellfish; as well as the especially attractive noble pen shell, a rare and endangered endemic species strictly protected by law. Beside visual perceptions, the tour is special as it offers lots of interesting informations provided by the guide.

Price and optionals

Explore the Underwater Treasures of Brijuni National Park
  •   From: € 27.00 per person

Important info

Explore the Underwater Treasures of Brijuni National Park
  •   Duration: Under 2h
  •   Effort: Active
  •   Skills required: Beginner
  •   Difficulty level: Very easy
  •   Languages spoken: Croatian, English, Italian
  •   Minimum booking (n_ of participants): 2
  •   Maximum booking (n_ of participants): 8

The excursion includes entry ticket and ferry from Fažana to National Park Brijuni, transport to Verige bay at the island Veli Brijun, snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel and fins) and personal snorkeling guide.

Children under the age of 12 must have appropriate adult supervision.

The Underwater trail tour is open every Thuseday and Thursday, from 10h until 17h.

Minimum people that can snorkel toghether in one group is 2, maximum is 8. Each group starts at full hour. When the first group finishes, another can start.

After the underwater tour experience, you are free to explore the rest of the Island.


Explore the Underwater Treasures of Brijuni National Park


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Brijuni National Park

Brijuni National Park is an area of exquisite natural, cultural and landscape values, whose 14 islands and islets were formed through geological processes over millions of years.

As a public institution, its mission is to protect, manage and promote natural values of the National Park.
Brijuni National Park
Brionska 10 52
Fažana Brijuni National Park Istria (Croatia)


Brijuni National Park

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