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The Kamenjak peninsula is located in the southernmost part of Istria. The scent of herbs and salt, the buzzing of bees and the murmur of the sea merge into a true sense of nature.

This area has been covered in holm oak forests that was degraded over the centuries by cutting down trees and cattle grazing, and eventually turned into grasslands with an abundance of plant species. The extremely specific and valuable landscape of Kamenjak is a combination of forests, grasslands, garrigue, maquis and rocky ground. Under the sea, the big blue of Kamenjak turns into a sputtering kaleidoscope of colours of red, brown and green algae and communities of organisms associated with them. On almost every dive you can meet shoals of damselfish, saddled bream, annular seabream and other fish, and because of the richness of the fish stock and diversity of life forms, the area is very popular among divers. Hold your breath, dive in, and enjoy the experience.

At Kamenjak you can also:

• Walk along the dinosaur path and visit one of the few sites of 98 million year old fossilised footprints of dinosaurs;

• Walk along the educational path and learn about the natural values of Kamenjak;

• Visit an Istrian ox farm and an Istrian family farm with agrotourism;

• You can "escape civilisation" at the Safari Bar;

• Spend an active holiday using the sports facilities: running track, Sports Centre and Windsurf Station;

• Ride your bike or walk along the 12 km long "Orchid" trail and enjoy the view of the entire coastal area;

• Dive into the wonderful underwater world of Kamenjak and see Posidonia oceanica meadows.

Marine research & conservation in Cape Kamenjak