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Primošten is a unique fishing village that today lives mostly from tourism, while mantaining its charm. It is 28 km to the south of Šibenik, located on an islet not far away from the mainland. During the period of Turkish invasions the islet was protected by defence walls with towers and a movable bridge built in 1542.

Primošten was known as Caput Cista (a bare head) in old documents. The name "Primošten" was for the first time mentioned in 1564, and it was derived from the verb "to overpass" (in Croatian: primostiti).

After the Turks had retreated from Dalmatia, the bridge was replaced by an embankment and Primošten became a peninsula. Together with the peninsula of Raduča, it forms a unique and specific natural whole.

The village is also well-known for the famous red-grape "Babić", which is produced from Primošten’s world-known red-grape sorts. As a symbol of hard human work throughout centuries, a picture featuring Primošten’s vineyards is permanently exhibited in the building of the United Nations in New York (USA).