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Tortuga boba

The loggerhead sea turtle is an oceanic animal, which inhabits the temperate waters of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, including the Mediterranean Sea. Being reptiles, their body temperature depends on the ambient temperature, and thus they can very rarely be seen in cold waters below 10ºC. These animals spend all their lives at sea, and can only be found at beaches as babies, when they are born and hatch from their eggs, and as adult females, to lay the eggs. Males never return to the shores at all.

This is a migratory species, and animals do swim for incredible distances during their migrations. For example, loggerhead turtles that are born in the Eastern Mediterranean (Turkey, Israel, Greece) feed in the Western Mediterranean, (France, Spain, Northern Africa), but turtles born as far away as Florida, or Cuba, come here to feed, too! ...only for a few years, until they grow up and return to their beaches of origin as adults to breed.

This species can be seen all around the Mediterranean Sea, especially in the warmer months of spring, summer and autumn.

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Tortuga boba

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