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Saare County includes Saaremaa, the largest island of Estonia, and several smaller islands around it. This region stands out for its great natural diversity, being a part of the Biosphere Reserve of the West-Estonian Archipelago, an area included in the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program. Its natural diversity is impressive in terms of flora, representing 80% of Estonian plant species, including endemic species like Rhinanthus osiliensis.

There is also a wide variety of rare  wildlife species. The coastal areas of the region are famous seal habitats where two different species can be found: grey seal and ringed seal. Saare County is also a good region for birdwatching as hundreds of thousands of migratory birds visit Saaremaa in spring and autumn. And if you are not much of a wildlife lover, you can visit the protected landscapes like the alvar areas and the meteorite craters of Kaali. Of course, the oldest nature reserve in Estonia is also found in this region, the Vilsandi National Park. This is definitely a must-visit for nature lovers.