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Mulroy bay is a relatively small bay and sea loch on the north coast of Donegal. Its name meaning "Bay of the Red Current" or "Bay of the Red Stream" in Irish, it offers plenty of alternatives for great dives: 

  • Melmore Head is one of them, being the most Northerly point of the Mulroy bay system. With a rock wall of 25 metre depth, it hosts a super chimney cave on the tip of the headland. Ravenny Point - a sheltered bay inside the navigation marker with a maximum depth of 15 metres and a sandy seabed - makes for a good alternative if Melmore Head is too rough. 
  • The First Narrows is another option and possibly one of the best dives in Mulroy Bay. It is a reef dive that quickly becomes a roller coaster drift dive. The rock gives way to sand and cobble and eventually Maerl (an indicator of good quality marine habitats) further up towards Mevagh. Its pristine waters are home to a a wide variety of kelps, sponges, anemones, hornwrack, hydroids, nudibracks, butterfish, bib and ocassional pollock sholas, conger eels and shell fish
  • Pan Rock is another favourite dive sites amongst divers. It ranges from shore line to 30m and has a mixture of rock wall, large boulders, mud and gravel substrates. A diverse marine ecosystem, including significant shellfish species, leopard gobies, long spined scorpion fish, pipefish and thornback rays.
  • Campbell's Bed is particulary popular in the Winter time. The reef that makes up this site is hundreds of metres long and depths range from 2 metres below the surface to nearly 30m at its deepest.
  • Stockan Rock is the deepest spot on the Mulroy Bay system at over 50m deep as a suitably qualified diver follows the rock down to the very dark and muddy seabed.
  • Last but not least, Massmount dive is normally conducted as a shore dive and only with the consent of landowners. The initial rock wall gives way to a muddy seabed at 20 metres. Full of marine life, especially gobies and blennies.

Diving profileMulroy Bay

  • Level: Beginner to advanced
  • Depth: 2m - 50m
  • Seabed: Rock, sand, reef, wall
  • Average water Temperature: Winter/Spring: 8ºC-12ºC; Summer/Autumn:10ºC-17ºC
  • Visibility: Good
  • Best season for diving: April - October
  • Closest hyperbaric chamber: 26km