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The water around Arranmore Island offer extraordinary opportunities for scuba diving, including Paradise Cavern, which at a depth of 15m to 25m is known near and far as one of the best dives in Ireland. The wide range of dive locations provide suitable dive sites for all levels of experience, with good visibility. Choose from reef, stacks, gullies, sea caves, swim throughs, wrecks and drift dives.

For the less experience divers, Pollawaddy Pier is a small harbor pier that provides easy access for a shore dive, with a swim through entrance. Divers will find a large cave entrance for which a torch is essential. For a great second or third dive, the Greek (Eleftherios) shipwreck lays at a depth of 6m-9m with its boiler, winch, anchor and propeller still visible. 

For more advanced divers, the Grotto, Paradise Cavern or Green Island are other spectacular diving areas at depths ranging between 10m and 40m. 

Diving profileArranmore Island

  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Min / max depth:  5m - 40m
  • Seabed: Rock, sand
  • Average water Temperature: Winter/Spring (8ºC-12ºC) Summer/Autumn(10ºC-17ºC)
  • Visibility: Good
  • Best season for diving: April - October
  • Closest hyperbaric chamber: 66 km