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Cetacean Research Expeditions in Sicily

Enjoy a one-week field course on cetacean monitoring in the Sicilian channel! This hands-on learning experience will allow you to take part in an on-going campaign of research expeditions, working side-by-side with experienced researchers.


  • Join a one-week survey on wild dolphins.
  • Learn about cetacean biology, monitoring techniques and data analysis.
  • Enjoy the gorgeous landscape of the island of Sicily while you learn about its traditions and gastronomy.

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Cetacean Research Expeditions in Sicily


Cetacean Research Expeditions in Sicily

This on-going research campaign is carried on board a 6.50 meters boat, equipped with a 130 hp strokes engine. You will be engaged in all the activities of the researchers, who are undertaking the long term monitoring of cetaceans in the central-western coast of Sicily - surrounded by the unique landscape of this wonderful island. The program includes lectures on the biology and monitoring techniques of cetaceans. The knowledge gained during lectures will be consolidated through the research activities, which include: photo identification, research on dolphin behavior through video image collection and analysis, field data collection and statistical processing.

Over the course of this 5-day field expedition (Monday-Friday), participants meet researchers daily at Porto Empedocle harbour, located a few kilometres from the city of Agrigento, on the southwest coast of Sicily.

This is a great experience for anyone wishing to learn more about cetaceans and no previous experience is required, only great enthusiasm! You will gain a full understanding of the researcher life. From Day 1, we will introduce the various aspects of the research Project, the working protocols and how to use the research equipment. In the following days you will be actively engaged in data collection at sea and processing, allowing you to practice and deepen the knowledge of the various research methods. In addition, you will be able to participate at specific lectures about biology, monitoring techniques and about cetacean conservation and threat. Lectures are held in the Meris office located at Favara (AG). The scientific quality of the collected data is ensured by a careful training of all participants and by the constant supervision of the researchers during the activities.

Joining in this scientific project will also acquaint you with Sicilian traditions, culinary culture and lifestyle

Precio y opcionales

Cetacean Research Expeditions in Sicily
  •   Desde: € 750.00 por persona

Info importante

Cetacean Research Expeditions in Sicily
  •   Duración : 5 días
  •   Esfuerzo: Activo
  •   Habilidades requeridas:
  •   Nivel de dificultad: Fácil
  •   Idiomas hablados: Inglés, Inglés, Italiano
  •   Reserva mínima (nº de participantes): 1
  •   Reserva máxima (nº de participantes): 4
Participation is open only to adults (minimum age: 18 years old). 
Booking is possible for one or more weeks. A place in shared room is included in the price.
Travel to/from Sicily and food during the campaign IS NOT included in the price. 
Previous scientific knowledge is not required. The only required skills are a good ability to adapt, a good attitude for team work and a real interest in cetaceans monitoring.
Please make sure that you bring the following items with you (they will not be provided):
  • Swimsuit - t-shirt, shorts and a hat or cap with neck protection.
  • Long pants/trousers (lightweight, quick-to-dry).
  • Comfortable shoes, such as sandals, flip flops, sports shoes, etc. (with white rubber sole).
  • Warm clothes such as a light coat, sweater or hoodie (even in hot season).
  • Sunglasses and a sunscreen lotion (protection of 30 or higher is recommended).
  • Rucksack/back pack.
  • Waterproof bags or sealable plastic sacks to protect your equipment - such as a camera or personal computer - from moisture and water.
Bringing your own personal computer is not a must, but also advisable!


Cetacean Research Expeditions in Sicily


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