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The Cinque Terre (italian for “five towns”) is a beautiful string of fishing villages perched high on the rocky shores of the Italian Riviera, in Liguria. The wider area surrounding the five towns, all along five stunning miles of coastline, was recognized by the Unesco Mankind's World Heritage in 1997 and are today a National Park and a Protected Marine Area. The “Blue” path or “Sentierro Azzurro” provides a footpath of stunning views, connecting the five villages along the coast over a breath-taking landscape of rocks overlooking the sea, small coves, bays, ravines and beaches between cliffs.

The Cinque Terre coast plunges steeply into the sea with almost vertical cliffs and the presence of underwater life and vegetation is rich and varied. The violescent sea whip is one of the unique delights that can be enjoyed those diving in these waters, where vast underwater prairies of Posidonia seagrass act as a natural refuge for many marine species.