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Balearic shearwater

The Balearic shearwater is the only species of marine bird endemic to Spain. As its name suggests, it breeds in the Balearic Islands, but can be seen as far as the Atlantic and Cantabric coasts of Europe.

The species is currently considered as critically endangered, so it is a real privilege to see them flying over the Mediterranean Sea, or to observe and hear the breeding colonies off the cliffs of the Balearic Islands, especially Formentera!

In Spain this species can be seen year round: it breeds between February and June, and then flies off through the Mediterranean Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar to moult during the autumn in the Bay of Biscay (Northern Spain), after which they return to the warmer waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Balearic shearwaters tend to remain always close to the shore, and can be easily observed in whale-watching or kayak trips.

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Balearic shearwater

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