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Brown cowry

The name for this beautiful sea snail in Spanish is "porcelana" (porcelain) because of the bright and smooth surface of its shell, resembling that of the porcelain.

The average size of this snail is 40-50 mm. The shell is pale brown, with three transversal darker brown bands. During the day they usually hide themselves in small caves, crevices or under rocks. They live on rocky seabed and corals, feeding during the night mainly on sponges.

Because of their shinny shell this complete family of snails are very valued by collectors, and are frequently used for jewlery around the Mediterraenan. This has contributed to the animal's scarcity, and in fact this species has pretty much disappeared from large areas of the Mediterranean.

They can be seen all year round along the Istrian coastline of Croatia, in depths of up to 40m.

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Brown cowry