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Grey seal

Grey seals are beautiful, amazing animals that can be spotted all year round in the UK and Ireland, with their breeding or pupping season lasting from late winter to early spring. They are more likely to be found at secluded, peaceful, coastal areas where they gather on the shores or rocks. Their rounded heads and wide eyes can be spotted in the waters too.   

The Grey Seal is quite large, with males (bulls) averaging 2.5–3.3 metres long and weighing up to 300 kilograms, while females (or cows) are smaller, typically 1.6–2.0 metres long and 100–150 kilograms weight. Whilst large they are well adapted for cool waters and marine swimming. The colour of this species ranges from grey to brown, with a lighter colour over the belly. 

Note that Grey Seals are distingishable from Harbour Seals by the parallel arrangement of the nostrils (opposed to the V-shaped nostrils of the harbour seal), large dog-like snout and much larger size.

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Grey seal

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