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Risso's dolphin

This large dolphin (up to 3,5m long) is grey, but gets whiter with age due to the interactions with other specimens of its species.

The Risso's dolphin is poorly known in the Mediterranean Sea. This species is associated to areas of underwater canyons, with depths of over 200m and steep slopes, where they feed mainly of squid. They can usually be found forming small family groups of 5-20 individuals. They are shy and seldom approach vessels, but sometimes they are curious, and stick their head out of the water if something calls their attention.

Although difficult to see, in Catalonia they can be found all year round close to the underwater canyons of Maresme (North of Barcelona) and Palamos (Southern Costa Brava). In Cork they can be seen from March to May. Although not common, they can sometimes be seen around the Isle of Mull in Scotland. In Canary Islands they can be easily seen around any of the islands, but especially around Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Tenerife, and most frequently in winter and spring.

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Risso's dolphin