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Striped dolphin

The striped dolphin is a medium-sized dolphin, with very characteristic markings on the body. The scientific name of the species "Stenella coeruleoalba" (from Latin caeruleus 'dark blue' and albus 'white') refers to the characteristic blue and white stripes on the flanks, which make this species easily recognizable.

This species forms large groups or pods, of up to several hundred individuals. In Mediterranean and Atlantic waters the striped dolphin is quite friendly and playful, often coming close to vessels to jump in their prow.

This species is relatively easy to see all over the North-Western Mediterranean and in the waters of Tarifa and the Strait of Gibraltar. In Catalonia they can be seen all year round far away from the shores, generally in areas of over 200m depth. In the Strait of Gibraltar they have a very wide distribution all year round, although less frequent at the centre of the channel. These animals are usually seen closer to the coast, both in Morocco and Spain. They can also be seen year round in Canary Islands, especially around Fuerteventura.

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Striped dolphin