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Half-day Seal & Bird Watching Tour in the Waddensea

Discover the UNESCO World Heritage site Waddensea, its unique muddy landscapes and incredible wildlife, such as the cute seals or beautiful seabirds. Enjoy this unforgettable experience with your family or friends in a very easy and comfortable way.

Highlights · Half-day Seal & Bird Watching Tour in the Waddensea

Half-day Seal & Bird Watching Tour in the Waddensea
  • Discover the breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage site Waddensea.
  • Explore the largest unbroken and undisturbed system of intertidal sand and mud flats in the World.
  • Experience the beauty of its wetlands with thousands of seabirds and spot the cute seals that live there.
  • Contemplate the traditional fishermen's villages along the Waddensea coast and visit the narrow streets of one of them.

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Half-day Seal & Bird Watching Tour in the Waddensea


Half-day Seal & Bird Watching Tour in the Waddensea

This is a unique opportunity to discover the breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage site Waddensea, while sharing a lovely time with your family or friends.

Through the Tour, you will discover the largest unbroken and undisturbed system of intertidal sand and mud flats in the World. While being sorrounded by a unique landscape, you will be able to spot the cute wild seals that live there, contemplate and listen to thousand of seabirds, and enjoy the views of the traditional towns along the coast of this amazing sea.

This 7-hour adventure will start from the center of Amsterdam in the morning. From there and aboard a luxurious coach you will take a sightseeing our along the beautiful Dutch countryside, where its land is claimed from the sea, and lovely villages and windmills can be observed. Then, you will board a ship that will sail the gorgeous Wadddensea World Heritage area during 2-2.5 hours.

The Waddensea has a unique tidal system and coastal wetlands that provides refuge for multiple animals. Its wetlands in particular are one of the most important ones on Earth, due to the seabirds that live and depend on them. Back in the harbour you will have the opportunity to visit and spend some time walking the narrow streets of the historic fisherman’s village of Medemblik, visit its 15th-century windmill and the 12th-century castle. Then, we will make our way back to Amsterdam.

Precio y opcionales

Half-day Seal & Bird Watching Tour in the Waddensea
  •   Desde: € 87.50 por persona

Info importante

Half-day Seal & Bird Watching Tour in the Waddensea
  •   Duración : 7 horas
  •   Esfuerzo: Activo
  •   Habilidades requeridas: Principiante
  •   Nivel de dificultad: Muy fácil
  •   Idiomas hablados: Inglés
  •   Reserva mínima (nº de participantes): 1
  •   Reserva máxima (nº de participantes): 10


  • Child 0-3 years: Free
  • Child 4-12 years: €75  (inclunding 2 non-alcoholic drinks and snack on board the boat).
  • Adult: €87.50 (including 2 non-alcoholic drinks and snack on board the boat).

Meeting point address:

De Ruijterkade Oost, at the River Cruises Docks (In the center of Amsterdam, right behind the Central Train Station). Just take the IJ exit of the Central Station and then turn right. Please, make sure to arrive ar the meeting point 20 minutes before departure time.

The bus has a toilet and snacks, sandwiches and drinks can be purchased on board (only cash is accepted).

The ship has both indoor and outdoor seating areas and it is equipped with a bathroom. Please, bear in mind that wildlife is best spotted on the deck.

To fully enjoy the experience, please bring warm and comfortable clothes because the Waddensea area is always colder than in Amsterdam and you will be on the boat a for a large part of the journey. Gloves, winter hat and rain coat are highly recommended.

Please note that the trip is subject to weather & sea conditions and can be cancelled in case of severe weather.


Half-day Seal & Bird Watching Tour in the Waddensea


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