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Engagement Criteria

For welcoming tourism operators as Members of Wildsea Europe

Minimum requirements to be fulfilled for listingTourism Operators

To become a Member of WILDSEA Europe, a Tourism Operator must: 

  1. Hold a business permit to carry out coastal and marine tourism activities, and comply with all health & safety regulations.
  2. Comply with and respect all national regulation (legally binding; no open cases).
  3. Should show environmental stewardship and great disposition/commitment towards nature and environmental protection. Please read our guiding material Best Practices for Marine Wildlife Watching
  4. Work in relation with coastal tourism activities and offer tourism services and experiences focused on the observation/appreciation of marine wildlife and/or coastal landscapes in the wild. Cannot hold any wildlife in captivity for any reason (display, harvest, etc., including rehabilitation).

    Marine highlights: Companies that manage attractions and/or venues that offer interesting, recreational and/or educational content in relation to the sustainable use of marine resources or wildlife (in captivity), and that are open for tourists and visitors, may be listed in the Route as “Marine Highlights” as long as they have a clear link/connection with scientific and/or conservation efforts carried out by relevant marine stakeholders. Proof of such connection may be requested.

  5. Engage trained staff and/or guides who are knowledgeable on the local flora and fauna and/or coastal ecosystems and landscapes with which they interact.

Additional criteria that an operator should aim to pursueRecommendations

WILDSEA Europe's members should:

  1. Integrate environmental education in their routine activities: clients receive information about marine life and/or the importance of protecting marine ecosystems.
  2. Strive to reduce their environmental footprint as much as possible.
  3. Strive to contribute to science and/or conservation: to be confirmed through collaboration with conservation projects in its area or through presentations in congresses / published papers / reports of specific projects.
  4. Strive to apply citizen science or have interest/a good disposition towards learning ways to engage its customers in citizen science through its activity in the future.
The final decision on the listing of any given company and/or its related services in WILDSEA Europe belongs to WILDSEA Europe's Steering Committee and is discretionary, being subject to the judgement of its members and to its final decision, based on consensus.