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With over 850km of coast, cliffs and white sandy beaches and a mild weather all year round, Portugal is a true paradise for sea-lovers. From the rough and fresh sea of the North to the calm and warmer South, there is a perfect match for everyone.

Portugal is without doubt a European hotspot for surfers. Here you can find all sorts of waves for all kind of surfing desires: the perfect tubular waves of Peniche, the giant waves of Nazaré, or the more secret beaches of Figueira da Foz. Ericeira, just north of Lisbon, was the first destination to obtain the distinction of "surf reserve" in Europe, and the second one in the World.

But if you are not into surf, Portugal still has plenty to offer. Its variety of natural landscapes and rich biodiversity, well-preserved villages and cities, and its amazing historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage, made Portugal a proud winner of the World Travel Awards 2017.

Great pleaces to visit in Portugal

Pedras de Portimao

Portugal Algarve Portimao Pedras de Portimao


Portugal Algarve Portimao Spiros

Bota de Fora

Portugal Algarve Portimao Bota de Fora

Forte da Baralha

Portugal Lisbon region Sesimbra Forte da Baralha

Ponta da Passagem

Portugal Lisbon region Sesimbra Ponta da Passagem

Jardim das Gorgonias

Portugal Lisbon region Sesimbra Jardim das Gorgonias

Pedra da Nau

Portugal Lisbon region Cascais Pedra da Nau

Cabo Raso

Portugal Lisbon region Cascais Cabo Raso

Pedra do Mariano

Portugal Algarve Portimao Pedra do Mariano

Ponta de Rana

Portugal Lisbon region Cascais Ponta de Rana

Porto Santo

Portugal Madeira Islands Porto Santo

Pedra do Leao

Portugal Lisbon region Sesimbra Pedra do Leao

Parque das Gorgonias

Portugal Algarve Portimao Parque das Gorgonias

SS Hildebrand

Portugal Lisbon region Cascais SS Hildebrand

Lisbon region

Portugal Lisbon region

Pedra da Âncora

Portugal Algarve Portimao Pedra da Âncora

Praia da Duquesa

Portugal Lisbon region Cascais Praia da Duquesa

Farol da Guia

Portugal Lisbon region Cascais Farol da Guia

Pedra do Meio

Portugal Lisbon region Sesimbra Pedra do Meio

Gemeos Pequenos

Portugal Algarve Portimao Gemeos Pequenos

Gemeos Grandes

Portugal Algarve Portimao Gemeos Grandes

Jardim do Vau

Portugal Algarve Portimao Jardim do Vau

Baia da Armacao

Portugal Lisbon region Sesimbra Baia da Armacao


Portugal Algarve

River Gurara - Popa

Portugal Lisbon region Sesimbra River Gurara - Popa

Jardim dos Nudibrânquios

Portugal Algarve Portimao Jardim dos Nudibrânquios


Portugal Madeira Islands Madeira