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A stone that broke away from the submersed coast off Portimao, and which runs along it, has become the shelter for numerous species of fish, crustaceans and invertebrates, forming the so called Parque das Gorgonias.

The "park" offers a great dive that can be done on the outside of the rock or, if there is a current, in the water course between the rock and the submersed coastline. Pay special attention to the many exquisite gorgonians that populate the zone, giving this diving site its name. Boat traffic is frequent in this place, so it is mandatory to use a surface marker buoy or ascend by the mooring cable. With a constant depth of around 18m to 20m, divers are advised to pay attention to their diving times.

Diving profileParque das Gorgónias

  • Level: Intermmediate
  • Depth: 16m - 20m
  • Seabed: Sand
  • Average water Temperature: Winter (14º-18º) Summer (18º-23º)
  • Visibility: Medium
  • Best season for diving: September & October
  • Closest hyperbaric chamber: 20' by boat