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Pedras de Portimão is a large rocky structure lying on a sandy bottom and extending southwards for hundreds of meters along the coastline of the town of Portimão, with walls up to 4m in height. This structure allows for several interesting scuba diving sites, with similar characteristics in terms of environmental conditions, fauna and flora. They also offer excellent conditions for underwater photography.

  • Pedra do Arco: A site comprised of two large rocky formations of more than 3m in height, sheltering lots of sea life. In its Southern rock formation there is an arch that gives the place its name ("arco") and which can be passed through without difficulty. 
  • Castelo de Neptuno: A relatively small, terraced rock rising up to 8m full of sea life, where it is common to see white seabream and ballan wrasse. On the top of the rock - nestled among the algae and gorgonians - you will find various types of nudibranch, offering excellent opportunities for photography. 
  • Pedra de Neptuno: A large rock forming small ridges, 4m or 5m in height where all sorts of marine life thrive, with various possible dive routes around it. 
  • Pedra do Albano: A large rock wall full of indentations with various passages and overhangs, some of which are large enough to enter. In the largest of the boilers to the East there is an anchor. Divers will find lots of sea life sheltering in the various indentations in the wall. The use of a torch is recommended. Beautiful gorgonians can also be seen, and other species of invertebrates, notably nudibranch, sponges, anemones and corals
  • Pedra dos Arcos: The site has two rocks in the form of a horse-shoe, with lots of indentations and arches, mainly in the rock to the South. In this dive site it is common to find octopus and cuttlefish as well as varied and beautiful gorgonians. Given the variety of multicolored invertebrates and diverse species of fish, such as scorpion fish, gudgeon and goby, this is an excellent site for photography. The use of a torch is recommended, as this will enable you to carefully explore the various species hiding in the cavities in the rock walls.


Diving profilePedras do Portimao

  • Level: Intermmediate
  • Depth: 8m - 16m
  • Seabed: Sand
  • Average water Temperature: Winter (14º-18º) Summer (18º-23º)
  • Visibility: Medium
  • Best season for diving: September & October
  • Closest hyperbaric chamber: 20' by boat