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Whale Watching & Vila Franca Islet Tour

Join a full-day adventure combining whale watching and a Tour to Vila Franca do Campo in Azores. Also known as the “Princess ring” for its own particular circular shape, the islet is one of the most beautiful places around São Miguel. Spend a day swimming, relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty around you!

Highlights · Whale Watching & Vila Franca Islet Tour

Whale Watching & Vila Franca Islet Tour
  • Learn about the local cetaceans from a crew of marine biologists and search for whales & dolphins in the wild.
  • Visit Vila Franca do Campo, have lunch in a local restaurant and hop aboard a trip on a traditional fishing boat
  • Snorkel around in the Princess ring Islet's lagoon in a volcanic crater, a natural reserve and protected bird area.

Catch a glimpse

Whale Watching & Vila Franca Islet Tour

What to expect?

Whale Watching & Vila Franca Islet Tour

Your day will start around 8:30am in Ponta Delgada harbor. Before going out to the sea, your crew of marine biologists will provide you with a briefing about the cetaceans species that we might encounter and some best practices to observe to respectfully enjoy their sighting in their natural habitat.

After a 3-hour navigation in search of whales & dolphins, we will head to Vila Franca do Camp harbor to have lunch in a local restaurant that serves delicious, local fish. Then, you will board a traditional fishing boat and enjoy a 15-minute trip to Vila Franca do Campo Islet, a volcanic crater off the coast that encloses a natural lagoon. The islet is a natural reserve boasting with biodiversity thanks to its protection. It has been classified by Birdlife International as a protected area for birds. For these reasons the islet can only host around 400 people per day and only during the summertime. Don’t forget to bring your mask and snorkel!

After enough time to enjoy, we will get back to Ponta Delgada either by boat or by van from Vila Franca do Campo. Definitely a great summer adventure not to be missed!

Price and optionals

Whale Watching & Vila Franca Islet Tour
  •   From: € 90.00 per person

Important info

Whale Watching & Vila Franca Islet Tour
  •   Duration: Full day
  •   Effort: Active
  •   Skills required: Beginner
  •   Difficulty level: Easy
  •   Languages spoken:
  •   Minimum booking (n_ of participants): 2
  •   Maximum booking (n_ of participants): 30

This activity is subject to weather conditions and may be cancelled or rescheduled if the weather does not allow to run.

Please bring:

  • Comfortable light clothes, jacket
  • Your mask and snorkel
  • Sweater, raincoat, walking shoes
  • Sunscreen, swimsuit, towel and hat
  • Backpack, water and snacks.


Whale Watching & Vila Franca Islet Tour


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Futurismo is the largest active tourism company in the Azores, offering a variety of packages of sea and land activities throughout the Azores archipelago. We are a partner of the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) – a global network of charities, whale watching businesses and individuals working together to promote responsible whale and dolphin watching and protect cetaceans and their habitats. We are committed to sustainability and responsible practices. We strongly adhere to the region’s codes of conduct for approaching and watching cetaceans and are also signatories to the World Cetacean Alliance Minimum Standards for Responsible Whale Watching. All of our captains have years of experience in assessing the movements and behaviours of the animals and we have used this knowledge to develop our own additional guidelines. Species are identified before each encounter, we try to describe the behaviour of the animals and then we regulate our approach in response to the situation. We respect that all encounters are on the animals’ terms and we do not attempt to re-engage animals once they have moved away or show signs of stress. Our sea tours are led by qualified marine biologists and land tours by experienced nature guides, many of which specialise in volcanology, botany and Azorean history. Our experienced and qualified guides are full of knowledge about the local flora, fauna and landscapes. During whale watching tours our marine biologists collect encounter data which are later analysed and shared with other researchers.
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