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Cabo Raso is a cape along the coast of Cascais of easy access from land. The whole area around it has numerous rocks and high stone spouts which, with some sea agitation, causes an early burst making the sea water stirred and oxygenated. Due to its geophysical characteristics and the fact that it is a less sheltered area, it has also been less exploited than other areas nearby, and is in a somewhat more pristine state of conservation and offers good diving opportunities. Divers are advised to noet that, because of its exposure and low bottoms, any meteorological change or sea state is immediately felt and causes rippling and surf, difficulting exit by land.

The whole area of Cabo Raso has some similarity in terms of landscape, as it is a vast, rocky area. It has a very irregular bottom, with higher rock peaks, cliffs cut with cracks and holes caused by the erosion and strength of the sea flanked by channels and clearings of sand.

Diving profileCabo Raso

  • Level: Intermmediate
  • Depth: 12m - 25m
  • Seabed: Rock and sand
  • Average water Temperature: -
  • Visibility: Medium
  • Best season for diving: Spring / Summer (lower swells) 
  • Closest hyperbaric chamber: -