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Sesimbra is a beautiful fishing village located just at 30km south of Lisbon. More than half of its land and sea territory are protected and either within Arrabida Natural Park or Professor Luís Saldanha Park, the biggest Portuguese Marine Reserve (38km in length).

Sesimbra has always had a close relation with the sea. Traditionally, fishing has been the main economic activity sustaining the livelyhoods of its local communities through generations. In the last decade, tourism has taken the lead as visitors are attracte by its gorgeous landscapes and the fantastic opportunities it offers for diving, snorkeling, kayaking, dolphin watching and plenty of other activities.

Sesimbra is probably the most popular diving spot in Portugal, as its geographical situation makes it possible to dive almost all year around. In fact, it is not uncommon for the weather conditions to be adverse along the Portuguese sea shore facing the West, while the coast of Sesimbra that looks towards the South enjoys perfect conditions for diving for beginners and experienced divers alike. It is no coincidence that this fishing village has been nominated several times as the “diving capital” of Portugal. The diving landscape is characterized by a blue sea bordered by the magnificent views of high cliffs, bays and capes, where one can dive at different depths - between 5m to 10m for beginners and below 30m for the more advanced, technical divers. 

The rich biodiversity of marine life in Sesimbra allows the sighting of plenty of species at different depths. Up until now, more than 1100 of species of marine macro-organisms are identified and this account is still growing. Night dives are also possible almost all year round, allowing divers to indulge in the beauty of the Ocean as the sun goes down.

Images & landscapes of Sesimbra