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Just like its name suggests - the Gorgonians Garden - sea fans from the most varied colours and sizes are the most remarkable feature of this scuba diving site in Sesimbra. The complex bottom morphology consists of an extended rocky line that describes a falling curved trajectory towards the East, from the shore. Its unique location creates diverse habitat types where benthonic species thrive, surrounded by gorgonians, sponges and anemonae.

Diving profileJardim das Gorgonias

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Depth: 20m
  • Seabed: Sand and pebbles, bedrock
  • Average water Temperature: Winter: 8ºC-10ºC; Spring: 12ºC-15ºC; Summer:13ºC-18ºC; Fall: 10ºC-14ºC
  • Visibility: Medium
  • Best season for diving: April-June & October-November
  • Closest hyperbaric chamber: 42km