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Madeira is the largest and most populated island of the Madeira Archipelago, with the city of Funchal as the capital.  With a subtropical climate and over 1,000 hours off sun every year, it is the perfect holiday destination all year round.

Of volcanic origin, it is shaped by mountains as high as the Pico Ruivo, which reaches 1,862m, and deep valleys. Unlike Porto Santo, Madeira’s coasts are steep and mostly formed by cliffs (some of the highest in the world), grottos and natural rock pools, with few beaches.

If you visit this island you cannot miss its laurel forests, declared UNESCO’s World Heritage in 1999 and recovered from near extinction on the island, caused initially by the first settlers back in the 15th century.

If you are a surfer, trekker, kayaker, diver, cyclist, birdwatcher or cetacean-lover, this is definitely your island!