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Join us on a 6-day diving & marine adventure holiday in Cornwall and experience the thrilling sensation of diving in the Atlantic Ocean and exploring the stunning cornish coast. Immerse yourself in one of the UK's richest biodiversity areas and landmark destination of the WILDSEA Atlantic Ocean Heritage Route (WAOH! Route).

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Diving & Marine Adventure in Cornwall


Diving & Marine Adventure in Cornwall

Cornwall combines a distinct local culture with a rich maritime history thanks to its Celtic past and its location on the westernmost tip of England. The surrounding sea is heated by the Gulf Stream, which means that the Cornish marine population is quite different from the rest of the British coast and that makes diving possible all year round. But it is from July to October that it offers the widest variety of marine life: dogfishoctopusanemonespink sea fans and, during summer, oceanic sunfish and even turtlesCornwall has marine life on every scale, from the diminutive and delicate seahorse to the giant basking shark

We have put together an amazing program of activities so that you can experience the best of Cornwall's marine jewels during your holidays. The package includes 5-night accommodation in a Bed & Breakfast in Falmouth, in a double room with breakfast. Below you can find the activities scheduled day by day (please note that the order of the activities may vary depending on the weather and sea conditions):

Day 1: Welcome to Cornwall!

At your arrival, a transfer service will be waiting for you at the airport of Newquay to take you to your hotel in Falmouth.

Day 2: It’s time to dive in Falmouth bay 

You will dive into the waters of Falmouth Bay, a fantastic diving area with plenty of opportunities for amazing shore dives to explore this unique underwater realm.

Day 3: Paddle along the coast on a sea kayak or a SUP board 

Popular on both coasts, sea kayaking or SUP offers the opportunity to explore Cornwall's abundant sea caves and rocky shores and get a different perspective of the local marine life and heritage. Frenchman's Creek, which was immortalized in the famous book by Daphne du Maurier, is perfect for kayaking expeditions. The Creek is above the Helford River and offers a picturesque place to walk and have a picnic.

Day 4: Dive in Falmouth bay

Enjoy the abundant ship wrecks and the surrounding coastal landscape, much of it containing Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs).

Day 5: Relax on board and enjoy the wildlife!

You will board a wildlife cruise in Falmouth and explore the spectacular southern Cornish coast, its cliffs and the extraordinary diversity of animals that inhabit this region of the British Isles.

Day 6: Transfer to airport & departure

We'll take you back to the airport. We say goodbye here, but we hope to see you again in historic Cornwall or along the WAOH route!

After your holidays, you will be eager to explore other destinations along the WAOH! Route. And you will have earned a 10% discount on your next trip to any of the WAOH! Route destinations!

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Diving & Marine Adventure in Cornwall
  •   Desde: € 1800.00 por persona

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Diving & Marine Adventure in Cornwall
  •   Duración : 6 días
  •   Esfuerzo: Activo
  •   Habilidades requeridas: Principiante
  •   Nivel de dificultad: Intermediario
  •   Idiomas hablados: Inglés
  •   Reserva mínima (nº de participantes): 1
  •   Reserva máxima (nº de participantes): 2


  • 2 Dives in Falmouth
  • 2 ecotourism adventures (sea kayaking / SUP & wildlife tour)
  • Diving equipment & equipment required for ecotourism activities
  • Accomodation in a Bed & Breakfast 
  • Insurance
  • Airport transfers & transfers to activities
  • WAOH! Route Passport


Diving & Marine Adventure in Cornwall


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