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El Palmar is often known as the Surf Capital of Andalusia. This long, golden sand beach takes its name from the thousands of European fan palms (Chamaerops humilis) that paint the surface of its surrounding lands, most of them traditionally used for cattle and agriculture. In the last years, the palms have borne witness to the growing popularity of the area amongst Spanish tourists, specially surfers and young people in search of a lively, summer nightlife.

Visiting El Palmar during the summer months of July and August will probably leave you with mixed feelings, as its gorgeous landscape gets flooded with cars, motorcycles and campers driven by humans in search of an aperitivo, a meal or a drink in any of the dozens of restaurants, chiringuitos and bars that line up by the road that runs paralell to the beach. But in April, May, June, September and October the beach carries its lively spirit in a much more quiet fashion, while still mantaining its rich offer a local foods and surfing schools. This 5km strecht of white sand offers an incredible setting not just for surfing, but also for a horse ride, a walk, or simply a bike ride along the dirt roads that connect the scattered houses where the locals and visitors share and web this wild, rural community.