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Seabird Watching Migration Tour

Enjoy a 4-hour bird watching tour in Tarifa with a specialized birding Tour Guide and witness the spectacular migration of seabirds between Europe and Africa.  

Highlights of the Seabird Watching Migration Tour

Seabird Watching Migration Tour
  • Watch Balearic shearwaters, gannets, skuas, razorbills and many species of seabirds as they cross the Strait of Gibraltar.
  • Find the best bird watching spots and learn about these species from your local, specialized birdwatching Tour Guide.

Catch a glimpse

Seabird Watching Migration Tour

What to expect?

Seabird Watching Migration Tour

The Strait of Gibraltar is well known for its migration of birds of prey, which is spectacular ... but why stop there? Looking down to the sea, hundreds of thousands of Cory’s shearwaters pass before your eyes as the y enter the Mediterranean in the Spring or head out into the Atlantic during the Fall. This migration of vast amounts of seabirds will take your breath away, especially as you watch their rapid, undulating flight just inches above the water.

This area of Cadiz, right between the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea offers strategic points on the coast of Tarifa for watching this amazing seabird migration. At some of these places you can observe the endemic, and critically threatened Balearic shearwater during most of the year. Opportunities to observe Northern gannets, different species of skuas, razorbills, puffins, Audouin’s Gulls, terns, including the rare Lesser-crested tern and many species of shorebirds make this area a unique and exciting place for seabird watching.

Price and optionals

Seabird Watching Migration Tour
  •   From: € 95.00 per person

Important info

Seabird Watching Migration Tour
  •   Duration: Full day
  •   Effort: Active
  •   Skills required:
  •   Difficulty level: Very easy
  •   Languages spoken: English, Spanish
  •   Minimum booking (nº of participants): 1
  •   Maximum booking (nº of participants): 3


Seabird Watching Migration Tour


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