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Menorca is a Unesco Biosphere Reserve and the most tranquil of the Balearics, with beaches that defy description. Reaching them by sea is the height of pleasure!

Its complex geological composition allows the existence of an enormous variety of habitats and landscapes in this little island. In this sense, the island is easily divided into two halves. The northern half, where the coast is very rugged and abrupt, and the landscape is composed of hills, streams and wetlands. Here you can also find plenty of untouched beaches, as it is more uninhabited than the South.

The southern half, flatter and more homogeneous than the north, is formed by calcareous and sandstone rocks, lighter in colour. However, this part of the island is crossed by numerous deep ravines that imprint character to its relief. Unlike the North, the coast is more rectilinear and there are plenty of fine white sand beaches surrounded by pine trees

Menorca's untouched beaches, coves and ravines around its coastline allow the more adventurous a unique sense of discovery.