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Despite being the smallest of the Canary Islands, El Hierro is packed with natural wonders: its rich forests, sea cliffs, lava features and an exuberant coat of vegetation have made it worthy of UNESCO World Biosphere Status. El Hierro is proudly one of the first islands in the world to be completely energy self-sufficient, using a combination of solar, wind and water power. This is a unique and misterious place, with its slow pace and simple style, its steep coastline of lava-sculpted rock, sabine forests, pretty farmland and flower meadows full of sheep, or volcanic landscapes. 

But if you need one reason to come all the way to this remote island, it has to be one: diving. El Hierro is considered by many the best diving of the archipelago, due to its volvanic orography and the amazing diversity of underwater species. Even whale sharks are known to visit these waters every once in a while! 

The island was shaken back in 2011 by submarine eruptions, but the deep concerns for the health of its amazing marine ecosystems have slowly vanished, as they return to life splendid as ever.