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Gran Canaria is often associated with white sandy beaches, clear blue waters and sub-tropical climates. In some areas of the island, this is not far from the truth. But anothers offer the visitor a completely different landscape. The marine reserve of "El Cabrón" is undoubtedly one of them. With its impressive volcanic rock formations, rugged rocky entries, caves, caverns, volcanic sand, and deep blue water, it is often considered as one of the best diving spots in Gran Canaria.

This hidden gem of a dive site is located off the beaten track, on the East coast of Gran Canaria in the small town of Arinaga. Specifically, the marine reserve stretches from Punta de la Sal to Punta de la Monja

It is not uncommon to experience currents while diving in El Cabron, so we strongly recommend going with a local diving centre to get acquainted with the site before venturing to explore further on your own. This will allow you to discover some of the best routes and points of interest, while learning about any hazards that may not be obvious and visible at first glance. All things considered, this diving site should be on the bucket of list for any diver interested in experiencing the beauty and diversity of the Atlantic Ocean