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Els Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Natural Park (The Marshes of l’Empordà) has an area of approximately 4.730 hectares resulting of the coexistence between water, earth, humans and nature. It’s a mosaic of ecosystems that are interdependent but also very different: sea, coastal beaches and sands, lagoons and salt-loving plant life, closes (enclosed grassland meadows), peces and feixes (pastures long and narrow enclosed by tamarisk), freshwater lakes and marshes, rivers, watercourses and irrigation channels, crops, rough lands and inhabited areas.

This natural area was in danger due to the urbanizations increase, but people started to claim its protection and began a popular campaign with the slogan “The last marshes of l’Empordà, under threat”. It was in 1983 that the Parliament of Catalonia finally approved the law protecting this area.

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