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Join a cetacean research crew in Cap de Creus

Find out what it feels like to work as a marine biologist for a week...or longer! Spend the day at sea looking for dolphins and other marine fauna as you help to develop a scientific project that will contribute to the study and conservation of these amazing animals.


Join a Cetacean Research Crew in Cap de Creus
  • Take part in a 1-week, hands-on research campaign and learn about cetacean monitoring.
  • Enjoy the beautiful waters of Cap de Creus and its beautiful Mediterranean landscapes.
  • Meet other marine biologists and build your skills and network!

Catch a glimpse

Join a cetacean research crew in Cap de Creus

What to expect?

Join a cetacean research crew in Cap de Creus

Join as volunteer in this new research project in Cap de Creus, a marine protected area with important populations of cetaceans.

On board a speed RIB and living in a house in front of the sea, and together with a team of cetacean researchers, you will help to undertake a study of this area and its inhabitants, including bottlenose and striped dolphins, or even fin whales. As volunteer, you will be part of the research crew and you will collaborate in all the activities that are part of the campaign and the daily life on base camp. You will participate in the sighting effort, you will learn how to approach the animals in a safe and respectful way and you will become familiar with taking and recording data, specially foto-id techniques. You will also experience the sound of the sea using our on-board hydrophone!

Days at sea will be long, but exciting. Days which are too windy for sailing will be spent in Cadaques, organizing all the data collected during the study transects at sea, going through all the photographs taken for photo-ID of the animals and designing the study for the next days. And of course, also enjoying this beautiful town!

The research campaign will probably last a full month (the price shown covers a stay of 1 week). Volunteers staying between one week and one month will be considered. Shorter stays will not be allowed.

Lodging for the research group is provided in a house in Cadaques; food is also provided, but all participants will be expected to take part in the general duties of the house (cooking, cleaning, etc.).

Essential pre-requisites of the candidates are:

  • A great attitude.
  • Experience working or living on board a vessel: able to work on board a boat for whole days (sail trips might be up to 12 hours, and the sea can get rough at times).
  • Physical and mental fitness. The volunteers have to be focused enough to spend several hours a day on a boat.
  • Team work: All volunteers must be able to work as part of a team.
  • Comfortable living in a shared house with basic amenities.
  • Proficiency in English or in Spanish.

Price and optionals

Join a cetacean research crew in Cap de Creus
  •   From: € 200.00 per person

Important info

Join a cetacean research crew in Cap de Creus
  •   Duration: 7 days
  •   Effort: Active
  •   Skills required: Intermediate
  •   Difficulty level: Intermediate
  •   Languages spoken: Catalan, English, Spanish
  •   Minimum booking (nº of participants): 0
  •   Maximum booking (nº of participants): 4
  • Participants must be over 18 years old to take part in these expeditions.
  • Food and lodging is included in the price and will be provided, as well as all the material required for the study. 
  • Transport to/from Cadaqués is NOT included.
  • Please make sure that you bring proper clothing and gear to spend long days on a vessel (wind-stopper, waterproof coat, sun-lotion, hat, sun-glasses, etc.) 

The study is carried out from the harbor of Cadaques (Catalonia). Participants are expected to make their way there with their own means. Sarfa buses go from "Estación del Norte" in Barcelona to Cadaqués.

Please note that you will get a discounted price of 170€/week if you join the expedition for two or more weeks.

Please note that the sighting of cetaceans is not guaranteed. That's life for marine researchers; part of the experience!


Join a cetacean research crew in Cap de Creus


Total Reviews: 2 Votes (10/10)
Alba Tojeiro Spain (25/07/2017)

One of the best experiences of my life!

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SUBMON is an NGO that works for the conservation of the marine environment, through research, monitoring and awareness. We undertake projects all over the World, but especially along the coastline of Catalonia. Our projects focus on endangered species (cetaceans, sea turtles, invertebrates) and habitats (seagrass beds). We dedicate a special attention at ensuring that our Project results translate into sound management plans for marine species and habitats, as well as serving as a platform to build literacy and awareness amongst citizens on Ocean matters.

We like to open our conservation and research projects to volunteers from all around the World. Our volunteering programs contribute to covering part of the cost of our research, while giving volunteeers the opportunity of being part of a thrilling scientific adventure in support of the Ocean

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Alba Tojeiro Spain (25/07/2017)

One of the best experiences of my life!

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