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Tossa de Mar is a beautiful medieval town located on the Costa Brava, about 60 miles north of Barcelona. Almost the whole of its municipality is embraced by the natural area of l’Ardenya-Cadiretes massif, a particularly rugged section of the coast that is also a protected area. Tossa de Mar has three main beaches:

  • "Platja Gran" (Tossa’s main beach), enclosed to the west by a medieval castle.
  • "La Mar Menuda", on the other side of the bay.
  • "El Cordolar", behind the medieval walls.

The rugged coastline of Tossa de Mar - with granite rocks falling down to sea - provides an amazing ground for diving, allowing for very typical habitats and underwater landscapes, such as walls covered with corals and sea-whips. "La Mar Menuda" beach is a hotspot for divers and a must-visit for any one looking for a great dive...specially if you are interested in diving for sea-horses!

Catch a glimpse of Tossa de Mar and its surroundings