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Deluxe Sea Baptism in Tossa de Mar

Come with us to experience your first dive ever!! Dare to immerse yourself in the hidden beauty of the sea and to enjoy the view of all kinds of marine wildlife, including fish, colorful sea slugs, octopuses and cuttlefish...and even one or two seahorses! We are certain you will be back for more : )


Deluxe Sea Baptism
  • Experience diving for the first time! Learn the general rules and communications in a 45-minute introduction class and solve your queries with a professional diver. 
  • Put on a diving suit and feel what it is to breath through a scuba regulator in a controlled environment.
  • Enjoy a 45 minutes guided dive in shallow water at the beach and get comfortable with your equipment!
  • Get to know the "usual suspects" (see breams, mullets, octopus, sea stars, etc) in their natural environment. 
  • Go back to the diving centre and share your experience and sightings with other participants!

Catch a glimpse

Deluxe Sea Baptism in Tossa de Mar

What to expect?

Deluxe Sea Baptism in Tossa de Mar

This activity is directed at anyone who has never dived before and would like to experience it for the first time. After this activity you will know if diving is your thing (we are sure you’ll love it!) and you could continue to complete a diving course, called Open Water Diver.

First of all we do a fun class of 45 minutes, where you will be taught everything necessary for the baptism: general rules, how the equipment works, diving techniques, underwater signs for communication, …a great way to solve all your doubts and to get to know your teacher, who will accompany you during the whole activity. Then we’ll put on the diving suit and we’ll drive to the beach. All the equipment will be ready for us. Once in the water, we will begin with a short adaptation period on the surface, breathing through the scuba regulator (which brings air to our mouth) and looking into the water with our masks (as if we were snorkeling). After a few minutes we go down one meter, so we can all get relaxed and start seeing our first fish coming close to us. Staying a while at a low depth tends to relax us, since we know we can surface anytime we want and take our head out of the water. Slowly we go deeper until we reach 6-7m maximum depth. Here we might see breams, mullets, octopuses, sea stars, some very small moray eels, cuttlefish, soles, shrimps, colourful sea slugs…

Time underwater is 45-60 minutes.

Once back at the diving centre you can recognise all the species that you have seen in a large panel we have there (the panel is over 6m long by 1m wide!! …and with over 80 species of fish of our coasts, with pictures and names).

We pay much attention to marine biology, and we are experts in it. Ask us any questions you may have on what you have seen!!!

Price and optionals

Deluxe Sea Baptism in Tossa de Mar
  •   From: € 45.00 per person

Important info

Deluxe Sea Baptism in Tossa de Mar
  •   Duration: Under 4h
  •   Effort: Active
  •   Skills required: Beginner
  •   Difficulty level: Very easy
  •   Languages spoken: Catalan, English, Spanish
  •   Minimum booking (nº of participants): 1
  •   Maximum booking (nº of participants): 4
It is important that you bring a pen-drive, so you can upload all the pictures we will take of you while you are in the water! You can park easily and for free around our facilities, something impossible in town, close to the beaches, especially on weekends. We are just entering the village, so there is no problem for parking! At the diving centre we have large changing rooms with showers for men and for women, areas to clean all the equipment, three vans to carry our customers to and from the beaches, rooms to give talks, …over 250m2 of covered facilities!


Deluxe Sea Baptism in Tossa de Mar

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Deluxe Sea Baptism in Tossa de Mar
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We are a family diving centre in the beautiful medieval town of Tossa de Mar. Our facilities are amongst the best in Costa Brava. We are passionate about diving and about marine biology.
l'Amfora Centre d'Immersió
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Tossa de Mar Girona Catalonia (Spain)


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Diving Baptism in Tossa de Mar

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