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Galicia, land of legends, place of stars... This region has its own language and a distinctive culture. It is composed by four provinces: A Coruña, Lugo, Pontevedra and Ourense. Santiago de Compostela, its capital, is famous for being the target destination of the “Sant James Way” pilgrimage trail. Galicia is also famous for its food… so if you are visiting don’t forget to taste polbo á feira, literally meaning “fair-style octopus”. Galicia is also famous for its troughs, “bateas” in Galician, which are structures for the farming of bivalves on the estuaries. Its rich natural and maritime heritage attracts scuba divers to its waters all year round, being one of the landmark destinations of the "WILDSEA Atlantic Ocean Heritage Route" (WAOH! Route).

1,200 km of wild coastline, shaped by its majestic rías (estuaries), impressive cliffs, sandy beachesislands and fishing harbours (famous for bringing the best seafood in Spain). But the inland areas don’t trail behind… stone-built villagesdeep-green valleys and hillsmonasteries, amongst many other beauties. And… did you know that in some regions of Galicia there are more cows than people?

Galicia has one National Park, six Natural Parks, six Biosphere Reserves, seven Natural Monuments and two Protected Landscapes. Everything you could desire: crystal-clear rivers, lagoons, majestic waterfalls hidden deep inside virgin forest, and oceans teeming with life. Could this be Paradise? For divers, sea kayakers, surfers and sea lovers alike, yes, it is.